Thibault Gallery Welcomes Artist, Sherry Strickland Martin

Thibault Gallery welcomes new artist, Sherry Strickland Martin. Her medium, watercolor and mixed media collectively come together to create beautiful scenes that depict the lowcountry. From her paintings of the basket weavers, shrimp boats, Beaufort scenes to her detailed rendition of the Clemson Tigers. We invite you to Thibault Gallery to see more of her work along with our other award winning artists.

Thibault Gallery Honored Again!

Thibault Gallery was voted “Best Art Gallery” in the Eat Stay Play Best of Beaufort 2019! The Thibault Gallery Family Of Artists would like to thank the Beaufort Community and our loyal customers for their continued support and love. Since opening January 7th, 2014 we have been named “Best Art Gallery” 12 times! We are honored to have received these awards, as we continue to live our dream of having a world class gallery in our sweet hometown. We are grateful that God has blessed us with amazing artists, Mac Rogers, Keith Wood, Carol Joy Shannon, Mary Jane Martin, Greg Rawls, Sergei Orgunov, Lane Palmisano, Chris Nietert, Jeff Glisson, John Putnam, Terry Brennan, Anthony Johnson, Eric Thibault and Mary Thibault. This diverse group of artists are the “ cream of the crop “ in the Beaufort art community. Stop in and see us during the First Friday of every month. We are located in the heart of downtown Beaufort, SC.

Large Driftwood Ship

This beautiful ship by artist Eric Thibault measures 34” long and nearly 23” high. Although she would look perfect sitting on a mantle or table, she can also hang on a wall as a showpiece. Regardless of the home port, she would enhance any decor and become a treasured family heirloom. To see her in person, stop by Thibault Gallery at 815 Bay Street in Beaufort, SC or she can purchased through our online store on

Presentation is Everything!

That’s right, presentation is everything! That’s our motto at Thibault Gallery. When you make a purchase of an original piece of artwork, you can be sure that it will be wrapped nicely. That is one more thing our customers look forward to, having their Christmas purchases wrapped and ready to give.

Merry Christmas!

Beaufort Christmas Cards by Local Artist, Mac Rogers

Local Artist, Mac Rogers, paints a new Christmas card every year in Beaufort, SC. This year’s Christmas card is a scene of the traditional Boat Parade on the Beaufort River that will take place this year on December 8th. Mac’s Christmas cards can be purchased at Thibault Gallery, located in the heart of downtown Beaufort, SC.

Thibault Gallery's Artist Spotlight: Mary Jane Martin


The title of this painting is Diversity. The definition of diversity is as follows: 1. The condition of having or being composed of differing elements; variety,  especially the inclusion of different types of people (such as people of different races or cultures) in a group or organization.  The concept of the painting  Diversity was inspired by all of us… the human race.  The variety of thought, action and deed are who we are and yet we are all so much alike.   The cross symbolizes hope and faith.  The variety of texture and color further illustrate diversity.  This 18 x 24 gallery wrap painting can be viewed at Thibault Gallery, 815 Bay Street, Beaufort, SC.

Thibault Gallery's Artist Spotlight: Suzanne Aulds

"Adirondacks" is part of a series of paintings inspired by the sights at Suzanne's local marina, featuring adirondack chairs that sit by the docks, looking out over the marsh. She was attracted to the subject because of a deep sense of calm that the scene evokes, representing the essence of the low country.  It is currently hanging in the Thibault Gallery on Bay Street, in Beaufort, SC.

Thibault Gallery's Artist Spotlight: Terry Brennan

This piece was created using found objects, cast offs, from the world around me that I breathe new life into by reassigning their role to art.  Interesting shapes, texture and material push my creative process and drive the direction of each piece while nature and it creatures truly are my inspiration.  Thibault Gallery in Beaufort, SC has an extensive collection of work available for purchase.

Thibault Gallery's Artist Spotlight: Sergei Orgunov


This award winning oil painting by Sergei Orgunov,"Red Water Lilies",  is just stunning!  It measures 41"x 51" framed.  Perfect for the home looking for a signature piece. Sergei has the unique ability to capture any subject and mood in incredible detail.  We invite you to Thibault Gallery to see this painting along with many others.  We are located at 815 Bay Street, Beaufort, SC.

Thibault Gallery's Artist Spotlight: Eric Thibault


This large triple sail ship appears to be cutting through the rough seas with power and grace. The amazing patina on her sails shows her experience of many a successful voyage.  At nearly 4 feet in length, she would fit nicely above a fireplace or large wall.  To see this and more of Eric's work, stop by Thibault Gallery, 815 Bay Street in historic downtown Beaufort.

Thibault Gallery's Artist Spotlight: Mary Jane Martin

MJM Black Dress.jpg

These four 12"x 12" contemporary acrylic paintings are part of a series painted by artist, Mary Jane Martin who says, "Painting in a series gives me more answers to the question, what if I?  Inspired by Coco Chanel's  "A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous", Mary Jane feels that every woman should have that "little black dress" that makes one feel classy and fabulous!  Stop by Thibault Gallery to see her collection of the "Little Black Dress."  We are located at 815 Bay Street, Beaufort, SC.

Thibault Gallery's Artist Spotlight: Judith Hoyt Smith


The simplicity of this painting brings about a feeling of calm.  Artist, Judith Hoyt Smith's   
signature touch lies consistently within the bright colors, shadows and perspectives that stir the emotions.  Having evolved through watercolor and studies in oil with Italian master painter Enrico Donita, she embraces the challenge of varying subjects: landscapes, majestic clouds and still life realism.  Stop by Thibault Gallery to see more of her work.  We are located at 815 Bay Street, Beaufort, SC

Thibault Gallery's Artist Spotlight: Greg Rawls

"Eventide V" by Artist, Greg Rawls

"Eventide V" by Artist, Greg Rawls

This exquisite glass plate was created by glass artist, Greg Rawls.  His kiln-formed glass  has a flare of color and zest. This is part of his Eventide series which is made of glass rods that he pulled and colors are based on a sunset on the marsh. This can be seen at Thibault Gallery located in the heart of downtown Beaufort, SC.

Thibault Gallery's Artist Spotlight: Mark Larkin

"Fronds Ferdinand" by Artist, Mark Larkin

"Fronds Ferdinand" by Artist, Mark Larkin

Amazing photo on welded steel wall sculpture by artist Mark Larkin. His fun designs are both colorful and functional. He calls them Wall-Biles and feels "both the appreciation and making of art should be fun.  It's always been my philosophy that works have an element of whimsy and playfulness.  I try to incorporate a sense of humor into all my work and not take anything too seriously.  My favorite media are metal and clay but anything is fair game."

Thibault Gallery's Artist Spotlight: Terry Brennan

This tropical fish, "Booty" by artist, Terry Brennan is adorable and on display now at Thibault Gallery.  It will no doubt go quickly, so get your "booty" here to check it out!   She's got a lot of sole!  She is 28 inches long and 18 inches high and  would make a great Father's Day gift for Dad's man cave.
Thibault Gallery is located at 815 Bay Street, Beaufort, SC.
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