Thibault Gallery's Artist Spotlight: Dave Alexander

"Low Tide Reflections" by Dave Alexander

"Low Tide Reflections" by Dave Alexander

This week, Thibault Gallery's Artist Spotlight shines on photographer Dave Alexander.  His photograph "Low Tide Reflections" was taken on Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida on a beautiful Summer morning and captures the essence of Dave's inspirational work, the promise of a beautiful new day!  To see more of Dave's great photography, stop by Thibault Gallery at 815 Bay Street in beautiful downtown Beaufort, SC.

Thibault Gallery's Artist Spotlight: Lane Palmisano

Capturing the evocative essence of the Lowcountry's marsh, Lane Palmisano's "Awash in Stillness" is a beautiful 48" x 36" luminous oil painting in her "Spiritscapes" series.  It appears to be delicately painted yet has a very tactile, forceful application of paint.  "Awash in Stillness" is sure to make a statement in the finest Lowcountry home!  This and more of Lane's artwork along with the work of other award winning artist's can be seen at Thibault Gallery located in the heart of downtown Beaufort, SC.

Thibault Gallery's Artist Spotlight: Randall Messina

_5D_1972-Edit copy.jpg

These acrylic paintings on stretched canvas by artist Randall Messina reflect the realism and intricate detail of birds nests found in the wild and offer a rare view of multi-colored speckled eggs and natural artistic abilities of the mother building her nest.  An especially nice addition to any bird or nature lovers art collection, these beautiful pieces are sure to accent any decor!  To see more of Randall's work, stop by Thibault Gallery, 815 Bay Street, Beaufort, SC.

Thibault Gallery's Artist Spotlight: George Cathcart

"Turtle Tracks" by George Cathcart

"Turtle Tracks" by George Cathcart

This week, Thibault Gallery's Artist Spotlight shines on photographer George Cathcart.  George is an award-winning nature photographer who travels the world photographing its natural wonders both on land and under the sea.  His passion for the environment and the Earth's wild creatures can be seen in his work and felt in his words.  He had this to say about his photograph "Turtle Tracks",

"I captured this image of a newly hatched loggerhead turtle in August 2016 while I was fortunate enough to be volunteering for the Caretta Project, monitoring turtle nests on Wassaw Island, Georgia. The image represents to me the powerful forces driving this tiny creature across a hundred yards of sand to reach the ocean after climbing out of its sandy nest with a hundred of its brothers and sisters. Now it is alone, flapping furiously to get to the ocean before it can be captured by scavenging gulls or ghost crabs. And once it reaches the ocean, it faces a host of predators across 60 miles to reach the Gulf Stream where it will spend most of its life. Only one in a thousand will reach maturity. Most will disappear like the tracks in the wet sand. And yet the turtles survive. That is the power of life."

Check out more of George's amazing underwater, wildlife and landscape photography at Thibault Gallery!

Thibault Gallery's Artist Spotlight: Eric Thibault

This large driftwood and vintage metal sailboat by artist, Eric Thibault would look great over a fireplace.  It can either be free standing or hung on a wall.  Adding to its character, the hull of this ship is covered with barnacles which can be seen close up.  Titled “Guerrero Del Mar” (Sea Warrior), this driftwood ship is reminiscent of a true battle tested vessel that has withstood the test of time.  Your man will love it!

Thibault Gallery's Artist Spotlight: Terry Brennan

"Curly" by Terry Brennan

"Curly" by Terry Brennan

This 3D Mixed Media by artist, Terry Brennan is titled “Curly”.  He creates his art out of all sorts of recycled materials. The elements are hidden, but look closely and you can find them.  "Curly" is one of Terry’s newest pieces and it’s certain to enhance a new home soon!  Come see the rest of  Terry’s amazing artwork at Thibault Gallery!