Opportunities - Calls for Emerging and Established Artists, Photographers.

Thibault Gallery focuses on quality. We are looking for emerging and established artists, photographers and sculptors. A variety of oil, acrylic, watercolor, 3-D art and photography welcome. Gallery wall space will be available January 2019. If you are an artist looking to show your work in a professional venue and want to grow your business, apply at www.ThibaultGallery.com. After applying, send images of your current artwork to mary@thibaultgallery.com.

What makes Thibault Gallery attractive to other artists you might ask?

Well, owners Eric and Mary Thibault are artists themselves. We have traveled with our art, doing art shows and understand that a professional gallery setting is the way to take our art careers to the next level. Collectors go to art galleries looking for that special piece of art to add to their collection. Fact, your art is taken more seriously in a gallery setting. We work hard for all the artists we represent by including the artists works on our website, social media and email blasts. This is will extend your reach to new buyers for your artwork. Each sale is professionally wrapped and if needed, packaged and shipped on sight. The artists are given a copy of the receipt to keep track of those customers who have purchased their artwork. Our gallery is open and spacious, making the artwork the focal point and easily viewed by potential buyers without having to navigate through a maze of walls or doorways. It has a welcoming feel for our customers. Our goal is to help all artists to be successful!

Red Tag Sale!

Happy New Year everyone!  We at Thibault Gallery are starting off the year with a Red Tag Sale!  This is our 3rd. Annual event that will take place January 5, 5-8pm.   Doors will open at 5pm.  Enjoy wine and Hors d'oeuvres while discovering the perfect piece of fine art!  This event happens one time a year only.  Our artists will have a variety of original paintings, photography, 3-D art, Kiln Formed Glass and Driftwood Sailboats displayed for sale!  There will be savings up to 75% off!  If you have had your eye on a piece of artwork, this would be the night to purchase.  Our artists will be present and we have door prizes, too!  This sale will last only 3 hours!   


There's Something About Lil' Blue

There's something about Lil' Blue and how she stood with just a slight tilt after Hurricane Matthew in October 2016.  Many people refer to this icon as to the last cabin standing. Locals remember back in the day all of the privately owned cabins that stood majestically on the south side of Hunting Island Beach.  As the years passed, erosion slowly washed away the remnants of those cabins, but not Lil' Blue; she stood tall and strong.  We connect to this cabin as a symbol of strength after weathering Hurricane Matthew.  She has become the story everyone relates to when talking about our beach especially now that the south side, where she proudly stood, is no longer open. Being born and raised here in Beaufort gives me a since of pride to paint this new original oil painting of Lil' Blue.  It's recording a little piece of history.

 Whomever put those pylons in should have a picture of Lil' Blue on their business cards to show the longevity of their work. You can see this newest painting at Thibault Gallery in the heart of this sweet town called Beaufort, SC. 

Featured Artist, Suzanne Aulds

Suzanne Aulds is excited to present an exhibition of her latest work at Thibault Gallery, 815 Bay Street, Beaufort, SC.

Suzanne has been a resident of South Carolina since 2000, residing in Charleston and, for the past 13 years, Hilton Head Island. She works in all genres but her latest body of work has focused primarily on still life and landscapes based on her local surroundings. Suzanne finds inspiration from the dynamism inherent in compositions that portray contrasts, and, in particular, the blend of organic and geometric shapes. She is a self-professed colorist, and uses the elements of bright versus dull, and light versus dark, to create compelling compositions. Suzanne’s work is traditional in that it is essentially realist, but her portrayal of traditional elements is unmistakably contemporary.

Suzanne graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in the fall of 2014, and has been exhibiting in galleries and at art fairs all over the southeastern United States ever since. When not travelling, she works from her studio at her home in Hilton Head Island every day.

Please join Suzanne at Thibault Gallery on First Friday, May 5, 2017, from 5-8 p.m., to view her newest paintings and enjoy some wine and hors d’oeuvres. She would love an opportunity to discuss her work and art-related experiences with you. For more information please visit her website at www.suzanneaulds.com or contact Mary Thibault at mary@thibaultgallery.com.

Featured Artist, Lane Palmisano

"Egress"                              Oil                             Lane Palmisano

"Egress"                              Oil                             Lane Palmisano

Lane Palmisano is the "Featured Artist for April" at Thibault Gallery, 815 Bay Street, Beaufort, SC. She invites the public to meet her and view her paintings during Art Walk/First Friday, April 7th from 5:00pm-8:00pm.  Wine and hors'doreuves will be served with live music by David Laughlin.

Lane is a New Jersey native and graduate of Monmouth University.  After college, she ventured south to Norfolk, VA where she taught art studio courses at Wesleyan College and Tidewater Community college along with exhibiting her work at art shows in New York City, New Jersey, Virginia and Washington, D.C.  Lane was juried into the acclaimed Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, VA, where she taught art and maintained an art studio for twenty-eight years.

As an award-winning, imaginative oil painter - a colorist - Lane is equally enthralled with figurative still life and, more recently, landscapes genres.  Since moving to Bluffton, SC in 2012, she has been "captivated with the myriad color and perpetual movement of the Low Country tidal marshlands."

Her contemporary oil paintings, which she refers to as "Spiritscapes", are drenched in color with thick impasto application, loose textures and delicate glazes.  Lane's luminous paintings are in private and public collections throughout the world.

"I am searching for the eternal healing essence that color can achieve in these "Scapes."

Lane's paintings are her personal tribute to all the Impressionists....the artists of light.

"Sisters"               Oil          Lane Palmisano

"Sisters"               Oil          Lane Palmisano

Thinking Outside the Box

We are grateful and honored to have our gallery, Thibault Gallery voted the "Best Art Gallery" in Our home town of Beaufort, SC three years in a row.  Eric and I along with an amazing group of positive artists have made this possible. Thibault Gallery has earned a reputation for having a welcoming atmosphere and stunning fine art.  We have a motto of "thinking outside the box" and "having faith" in everything we do.  We are not afraid to try something a little different, we are artists and being creative comes second nature to us. There's a quote by John Maxwell we have written on our chalk board in the back room that states,  "If your not out of your comfort zone, your not growing".  To be honest with you, writing this blog takes me out of my comfort zone. I'm a painter not a writer.  Words don't come easy to me on paper as paint does on a canvas.  "When words fail paintings speak", I did write that.  We tell our customers that all the time when they come in looking for that perfect piece of artwork for that certain space in their home.  When you see a piece of artwork that speaks to you or is pulling at your heart strings that's the piece you should buy.  Simple as that.  Our customers mean the world to us and we work hard to present them with fine art that touches their heart. Listening to their needs is key. We have made some wonderful friendships through this journey of owning our own art gallery. That's just one more reason to be grateful.

While writing this blog Mrs. Betty from the Island News came into the gallery and presented us with another award "Favorite Art Gallery"! That is number seven, wow!  Thank You! Receiving these awards confirms taking a leap of faith to open our art gallery truly means dreams do come true!!!

Dream Big!!!

Mary's New Original Oil Painting - "Lil Blue"

"Lil Blue" Original Oil by Mary Thibault

"Lil Blue" Original Oil by Mary Thibault

Mary's latest painting is of "Lil Blue", the iconic last cabin standing on Hunting Island State Park.  Standing strong through years of beach erosion and defiantly withstanding the onslaught of Hurricane Matthew, "Lil Blue" has come to represent strength, courage and resilience and is loved by locals and travelers alike.  Stop by Thibault Gallery to see this beautiful piece of Lowcountry art.

Thibault Gallery Welcomes Artist Suzanne Aulds

Thibault Gallery is proud to welcome artist, Suzanne Aulds.  Suzanne is based in Hilton Head and specializes in oil based paintings of all genres.  A graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design, her sought after work has won numerous awards.  Most recently, her work shown below was one of ten works from local artists that won the 2016 ArtPop Beaufort contest.

Stop by and see more of her work. We are located at 815 Bay Street, Beaufort, SC

Life Drawing Class at Thibault Gallery

Life Drawing Class at Thibault Gallery

We had a Life Drawing Class at Thibault Gallery Tuesday night and it was fun!  There were beginners and experienced students along with an amazing model.  Life drawing is drawing of the human body from observation of a live model.  We began to see proportions in a new light in regards to the human body.  Our drawings got better and better after each timed gesture drawing.  Life Drawing takes patience and diligence.  The more you draw the better you get.  With that being said, we will have another life drawing class in September.  We will be announcing the next class on facebook and those who attended will receive an email.  If you would like to be on our email list for the next life drawing class send us an email at Mary@Thibaultgallery.com

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Water Festival T-Shirt Design by Mary Thibault

It was last year when Bill Damude asked me if I would design the Beaufort Water Festival t-shirt  for 2015.  I was honored and excited. Those of you who know my artwork,  know I am not afraid of color!!! Having previously designed the Water Festival t-shirt in 2009 and 2013, I knew what was expected.  I also knew this would be a challenge to make a design that captured the lowcountry without duplicating previous years designs.  Bill and Marcia were wonderful to work with.  They wanted a simple design that included a diamond to symbolize the 60th anniversary for the Water Festival.  The diamond shape clearly illustrates this anniversary.  The adirondack chairs are sitting on the sandbar. This is a given for most locals.  It's a tradition for everyone to celebrate Water Festival in the river at the sandbar.  The plate in which the frogmore stew (also known as lowcountry boil) is sitting, is a platter by Trevor Foster (pottery artist who has been a part of Water Festival Craft Market for over 20 years).  The tumbler on the arm of the chair has the Water Festival logo on it.  These tumblers are collected every year by many who attend Water Festival.  I personally have several and love them!  Although in our family, I do believe there is a Tervis tumbler lid thief.  Not mentioning any names. LOL!  I have to say I'm feeling very grateful that this design is being so widely accepted.  Feel free to stop by Thibault Gallery located at 815 Bay Street in the heart of historic downtown Beaufort, SC to see the original painting of the Water Festival design.  

 My favorite event of the Beaufort Water Festival is "Talent Night". On this night, if you buy a WF t-shirt, you get in free. Almost everyone is wearing the t-shirt with my artwork on it.  It's like seeing a sea of my paintings!  In years past, I went around asking people to pose with their backs to me so I could get pictures of them wearing my artwork.  How cool is that!?!? 

Thank you for all of the positive comments I have received.  It truly warms my heart as an artist and lifelong Beaufortonian.

God  Bless,



How Time Flies!

One year ago today we opened our doors to Thibault Gallery.  It's amazing how far we have come in such a short time.  We were told by another gallery owner, "you can't open your doors if you're not full" and we said, "of course we can, we just unlock the door and open it".  We knew in our hearts the artists would come and they did.  Each individual artists artwork holds a unique style that will touch your heart.  To us, this is truly a reflection of the artist.  You see, the artists who have joined us are positive, up beat, fun, and create beautiful works of art. They are just good people.  We have become a family here at Thibault Gallery.  Let me introduce our artists:

Tony Gill - Oil

Paul Rossmann - Oil 

Eric Smith - Photography

Carol Joy Shannon - Acrylic

Stephen Moscowitz - Acrylic

Greg Rawls - Kiln Formed Glass

Alan Metzger - Acrylic/Oil

Mary Jane Martin - Acrylic/Mixed Media

RL Brethauer - Driftwood/Vintage Metals

David Shipper - Photography

Bill Rousseau - Acrylic

  We are not only grateful to have such wonderful artists, we are grateful to have so many people come through our doors and support our artists.  Thank you to our family and friends who have cheered us on.  


Christmas Time at the Gallery

Mary and the eleven other little elves have been working frantically to make sure all the good boys and girls will have an opportunity to see beautiful art under their tree.  The gallery is now full of beautiful art and wonderful gifts for the holiday season.  A one of a kind original piece of artwork makes a unique gift.  

Thank you to all who visited during Night on the Town.  It was great to see our old friends and make new ones as well.  Wouldn't it be great to have all the First Friday's After Five with Bay Street closed to vehicle traffic?  There is something about the atmosphere when Bay Street is foot traffic only.  This makes for a great time of community fellowship.  Just wanted to remind you, there is free parking for the first two hours downtown, Beaufort, SC.  It's really nice seeing more locals shopping during this month.  You are always welcome and appreciated.  

Feel free to comment on this blog. 


What is Life Drawing?

Life drawing or sometimes called figure drawing is a drawing class that focuses on drawing the human body.  The model is usually unclothed, semi-clothed or even draped.  Drawing the human body is not the easiest and can be a challenge for all artists.   This class gives not only the experienced artists but also the student an opportunity to find their owe style of drawing.  It also, helps the artists to really see relationships to proportions, placement, shape, etc.  Life drawing classes are usually done monthly giving artists a chance to keep their skills fine tuned.  Because life drawing class is not always offered in our area, Thibault Gallery is very proud to be able to offer this class tonight, Nov. 17th @ 6-8:30pm.!  We welcome your attendance.  The cost of the class is $45.  If you are interested in joining us tonight please call 379-4278 to get your name on the list for this class.






"Put Your Ass Where Your Heart Wants To Be" -Steven Pressfield

Let me apologize for using the "A" word, but sometimes it's just the right description.  This quote, "Put your ass where your heart wants to be" by Steven Pressfield has become imbedded in my thinking and my actions.  Let me explain.  If you want to paint, put your ass in front of an easel (and of course, a paint brush, paint, a canvas would be handy, too) and paint!  If you want to write a book, sit your ass down at a desk or table with some paper and pen and write!  If you want to start a new business get off your ass and get started!  You see where I'm going here?  A number of times I have encountered artists of all ages who have come in the gallery and told me their story of how they would love to start painting,  write a book,  or even start a new business and so that is when I share this quote.  Sometimes fear holds us back from trying those things in life and we feel we would enjoy or even love, if we would just try.  We all know someone who needs just that little boost of confidence or just some real honest to goodness truth to push them forward.  Feel free to share this quote, I use it at the gallery with people I hardly even know.  Wishing you much success in your adventures!  God Bless.


Being Grateful

Opening our gallery ten months ago has been a dream come true.  God started opening so many doors for my husband, Eric and I.  Everything was falling into place even down to getting a building that is right in the middle of downtown Beaufort.  We all know how important location is for a business.   Then came the amazing artists, Mary Jane Martin, RL Brethauer, Tony Gill, Eric Smith, Greg Rawls, David Shipper, Alan Metzger, Stephen Moscowitz, Paul Rossmann.   Not only is their artwork eye catching and simply beautiful, its a reflection of them.  You see, Eric and I hand chose these artists because they are positive, happy, willing to step outside the box of creatively, good spirited, and want to be successful in their business.  We did not want any "fun suckers" (a person who sucks the fun out of everything) and we can honestly say we do not have any of those at Thibault Gallery.  This all comes down to gratitude.  We are grateful to God for opening all those doors, sending us our amazing artists, and bringing such wonderful customers our way and giving us the courage to walk through those doors.  The best is yet to come.