Being Grateful

Opening our gallery ten months ago has been a dream come true.  God started opening so many doors for my husband, Eric and I.  Everything was falling into place even down to getting a building that is right in the middle of downtown Beaufort.  We all know how important location is for a business.   Then came the amazing artists, Mary Jane Martin, RL Brethauer, Tony Gill, Eric Smith, Greg Rawls, David Shipper, Alan Metzger, Stephen Moscowitz, Paul Rossmann.   Not only is their artwork eye catching and simply beautiful, its a reflection of them.  You see, Eric and I hand chose these artists because they are positive, happy, willing to step outside the box of creatively, good spirited, and want to be successful in their business.  We did not want any "fun suckers" (a person who sucks the fun out of everything) and we can honestly say we do not have any of those at Thibault Gallery.  This all comes down to gratitude.  We are grateful to God for opening all those doors, sending us our amazing artists, and bringing such wonderful customers our way and giving us the courage to walk through those doors.  The best is yet to come.