There's Something About Lil' Blue

There's something about Lil' Blue and how she stood with just a slight tilt after Hurricane Matthew in October 2016.  Many people refer to this icon as to the last cabin standing. Locals remember back in the day all of the privately owned cabins that stood majestically on the south side of Hunting Island Beach.  As the years passed, erosion slowly washed away the remnants of those cabins, but not Lil' Blue; she stood tall and strong.  We connect to this cabin as a symbol of strength after weathering Hurricane Matthew.  She has become the story everyone relates to when talking about our beach especially now that the south side, where she proudly stood, is no longer open. Being born and raised here in Beaufort gives me a since of pride to paint this new original oil painting of Lil' Blue.  It's recording a little piece of history.

 Whomever put those pylons in should have a picture of Lil' Blue on their business cards to show the longevity of their work. You can see this newest painting at Thibault Gallery in the heart of this sweet town called Beaufort, SC. 

Mary's New Original Oil Painting - "Lil Blue"

"Lil Blue" Original Oil by Mary Thibault

"Lil Blue" Original Oil by Mary Thibault

Mary's latest painting is of "Lil Blue", the iconic last cabin standing on Hunting Island State Park.  Standing strong through years of beach erosion and defiantly withstanding the onslaught of Hurricane Matthew, "Lil Blue" has come to represent strength, courage and resilience and is loved by locals and travelers alike.  Stop by Thibault Gallery to see this beautiful piece of Lowcountry art.